Reviews (2 reviews) is a broker for downloading files from popular filehosts. With our service is possible to download files without limits from tens of filehosts and paying for only one premium account. Thanks to our service, you can save a lot of money.


E.G 2018-07-20 14:41:08

It’s a very straightforward and honest site. All the prices and statuses are updated and presented clearly, right up-front on the main filehost activity page (where downloaders spend 95% of their time). Every other multihost either A) keeps that info on an inconveniently inaccessible, dedicated status page that you have to go out of your way to find — and once you’ve found it, you’ve broken your rhythm and forgotten what you were doing in the first place; or B) present this information in an unreadable tiny grid of multicolored icons located at the bottom of the page, most of which icon patterns have no relationship to the filehost logo they allegedly represent and none of which provide useful information in any way (hello debrideurs!) The site is easy for a beginner to get started with yet reasonably deep in terms of optional functions and tweaks for an expert to feel at home with. Even better, it runs very quickly and very, very smoothly. On top of these points, the billing system (balance adjusted when about 80% of a file has been downloaded) is almost too generous to accidental downloads and duplications. Finally, customer service is literally the best in the business, as I have dealt at least once over the years with every multihost and multiple times with each major filehost. Just finished a stupid dispute with a multihost (they claimed that my accessing from office and home at different times depending on where I was needed two accounts or it was sharing and bannable, RIGHT after I bought a year of access). This experience was sooooooo much better.

Daniel says 2018-07-20 14:38:09

The site works really well for me. Download speed is good and i can use internal search engine. Also vert important is that displayed hosts are really working not like in other multihosters i tried. Looks like there are no daily limits for hosts what is also good

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