Premium Features

  1. Unlimited file storage time and space
  2. Maximum upload file size – 10 GB
  3. Easy file management
  4. Link password protection
  5. Files upload from remote HTTP or FTP servers
  6. Free Depositfiles apps


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads

How to use Depositfiles premium key/account?

Now, you can upgrate your accout:

After you get the Depositfiles Premium Key from reseller, please follow these steps to activate the Depositfiles Premium Key:

  1. Creat a new account if you not have or login your account in
  2. After that, open this link
  3. Enter your premium key in Actication key and click OK.

Thank you for using the service of reseller!

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What is DepositFiles?

DepositFiles is a popular international service for safe file transfer, storage, and distribution. The size of our servers, all of them working on several gigabyte connection links, is nearly unlimited. Today there are no similar services that can offer our level of quality. DepositFiles is the best and fastest service for uploading, storing, and safe sharing of your files on the internet.

Why do I need to register at DepositFiles?

However, registration gives you additional advantages. Depending on the account type you have, you may obtain more features while using it. For instance, get more convenient removal options of your uploaded files or use safe forwarding for large files, up to 10Gb and etc. You can compare GOLD account advantages with regular registration.

Is DepositFiles service free? Can I use it right now?

You can upload and download files up to 10GB without any charges. We spent enormous time designing our file forwarding service and we always want to make it available for millions of people to use. No special training required to use DepositFiles. Millions of people across the globe from different occupations such as students, businessmen, home-business operators, etc. use our service daily. DepositFiles service is absolutely free. Try it and see for yourself!

What files can I upload and what is the maximum size of the file?

You can upload any file types like EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RAR, ZIP, JPG, etc. Music files, video files, mp3, applications, games, ringtones, office files (e.g. in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc) projects, models, architectural drawings, conference recordings, price-lists, regular agreements, laboratory data, server configuration files, advertising booklets and so on. The size of a file you can upload is the maximum in the Internet now up to 10GB!

* Maximum file size for file system FAT32 - 4 GB.

Is the number of downloads limited with DepositFiles?

There is no limitation for the number of downloads of any file in our system! Some files in our system have been downloaded more than 100,000 times. If you are not a GOLD-member, you can upload only one file at a time. GOLD-members can download up to 50 files simultaneously, each in several threads, and resuming of interrupted downloads are also supported!

I have purchased a GOLD-account, but your system does not log me in. What could be wrong?

If you had a Free Membership before purchasing GOLD, please note that ALL GOLD memberships use DIFFERENT LOGIN type than free. DO NOT use your free login and except to see GOLD status. Make sure you use new GOLD-account login and password sent to you immediately after order confirmation. Also make sure you did not erase cookies from your computer and not using any software that blocks receiving and sending of cookies, like firewall.

I might enter my e-mail address, when I register as a regular or GOLD member. Will I receive any notification email to my e-mail address?

NO, you will not. We do not sell or give anybody e-mail addresses of our users. The only confirmation you may receive to your e-mail address from us is notification messages about our service.

Why sometimes files are downloaded very slowly?

The download speed can be restricted by your ISP. You can check your Internet-connection speed by this link. The low speed may be also caused by the fact that the same file is downloaded simultaneously from a number of places. In such cases internet traffic is shared among all the users. If you want to have priority for downloading, we recommend registering a GOLD-account or try to download this file at a later time.

Why, after the payment of Gold status I have not received my username and password?

Please check your email, data for your login to Gold Account must come to your e-mail, which you provided when making a purchase. If no letter is, make sure that it does not get into the folder "spam".
As about one hour passes after the payment and you have still not received the username and password for Gold account, please contact our support.
When sending letter, please tell us the details of payment, the time of purchase and what period of Gold status was paid.
If possible, please send us a screenshot of the details of payment to our e-mail

Our specialists will process your request as soon as possible.

The page loads too slowly, what can be done?

The main reason the site's pages loads slowly is speed of your Internet connection. If you have high speed but the pages loads slowly the reason can be the following: some pages (for example files list) contain lots of Java Script and it requires heightened browser operating. That is why it is desirable to use latest browsers versions and not to use addons or superstructures that can slow down pages loading.

Advantages of having DepositFiles premium key

  1. Download files quicker
  2. File manager for downloading
  3. No speed limits
  4. No waiting time
  5. Multiple connections
  6. No ADS at all

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If you want to try our service, you can sign up an account for free today and know the benefits of having an online storage account. If you find the service adequate or even exceeding your expectations, then you can go ahead and upgrade to our premium account. DepositFiles assures you that you will not regret having upgraded because of the premium service that you will be getting. Try it out today! We are Official DepositFiles Reseller, You can buy cheap DepositFiles premium via Paypal. BUY PREMIUM KEY NOW

How to purchase DepositFiles File Sharing from BuyPremiumKey Reseller

  1. Choose product at homepage.
  2. Add to cart.
  3. Fill your information at checkout page.
  4. Choose your shipping methods and payment methods.
  5. Submit your information.
  6. Delivery your product.

Thank you for choosing and trusting us! Have a nice day!

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