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The service is a private network of servers for transferring files. Proxy files directly from file-sharing services and sharing the links (files) issued by our service. does not analyze or store the transferred files. All files are stored on the servers of file sharing,, etc.

After registration, you are provided with a personal premium account. You can download files in one click from many file exchangers, you only need a link, then the smart machine will do everything itself :). Detailed billing, accounting and statistics are always at hand.

Choose because it's simple, fast, and safe!

Speed: We have quite powerful servers. We will only provide you with a comfortable download speed. Over 1 MB/sec.

Downloader: All links to file sharing sites are instantly processed by our service. You only need one account.

Support: Our technical support will allow you to solve a particular problem as quickly as possible when working with the service.

Stability: The main priority of our service, which we always strive to provide services to the end user of the service.

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