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  1. Safe & Secure
  2. High Speeds
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  4. Flexible Sharing
  5. Reliable
  6. Everything Unlimited


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads


  • NO waiting time
  • Unlimited high speed
  • Resuming downloads

How to activate Fireget Premium Key, Fireget Coupon Code?

Activate Fireget premium key, premium account, Coupon Code.

After you get the Fireget Premium Key from reseller, you follow these steps to activate the Fireget Premium Key:

  1. You will receive a voucher / key like this: 869mdicunt2nds9ek
  2. First, login your Fireget account or register a new Fireget account, if you don't have it at
  3. After login account, please open this link:
  4. You will see the form like this, Put your premium key in “Apply Premium key” and “click “Apply”

Activate Fireget Premium key

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What is is a file hosting provider. We offer online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools. 
With you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place. 

Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, can help. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, offers solutions for you. If you want to access personal data from a variety of computers and don't want to carry around a USB stick, is a perfect way of doing so. 

File exchange has become an essential part of internet activity today, and our service suggests the easiest, fastest and the most convenient tool for that. FireGet supports file upload with all possible options (including remote upload and FTP upload). We guarantee safety of your files and ensure convenience of file management. 

Even though FireGet service was launched not so long ago, we have already gained approval and trust of hundreds of thousands users all over the world. To be honest, we expected this success since initially our aim was to take one of the leading positions at the market. Behind the seeming simple still very convenient service interface there is a complex powerful system using the newest technologies and capable of standing the highest loads. Our team is a group of professional web-developers with more than 10 year experience. And we have put all our knowledge and experience into FireGet project. We have also hired the managers who used to work at popular file hosting services. As a result we clearly realize the future evolution way of FireGet, and from the very beginning we managed to avoid the mistakes and problems common for file hostings.

Convenience, speed and reliability are of the highest priority for us. Well, there may be nothing revolutionary at our service, however we have taken into consideration and implemented all popular and demanded features and tools for file storage and sharing, and have combined them with the most favorable conditions for our users and partners. We believe that management tools created are much more useful and convenient than the ones at similar sites. As for hardware and technical part of the service - we are glad to repeat that it is just perfect! We use the newest technologies only!

Advantages of having Fireget premium key

  1. Download files quicker
  2. File manager for downloading
  3. No speed limits
  4. No waiting time
  5. Multiple connections
  6. No ADS at all

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If you want to try our service, you can sign up an account for free today and know the benefits of having an online storage account. If you find the service adequate or even exceeding your expectations, then you can go ahead and upgrade to our premium account. Fireget assures you that you will not regret having upgraded because of the premium service that you will be getting. Try it out today! We are Official Fireget Reseller, You can buy cheap Fireget premium via Paypal. BUY PREMIUM KEY NOW

How to purchase Fireget File Sharing from BuyPremiumKey Reseller

  1. Choose product at homepage.
  2. Add to cart.
  3. Fill your information at checkout page.
  4. Choose your shipping methods and payment methods.
  5. Submit your information.
  6. Delivery your product.

Thank you for choosing and trusting us! Have a nice day!

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