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Syncler - One app to sync your media.

Syncler works on Android TV (Fire TV, Nvidia Sheild too), phones, tablets.

How to activate Syncler premium key

We have a dedicated support site for this:

How to activate the key:

Troubleshooting activation failures (usually user mistyping the key):

Troubleshooting no sources found/cannot stream content:

If someone is still unable to resolve their issue they an reach out to our sub reddit:

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Syncler - One app to sync your media.

Syncler works on Android TV (Fire TV, Nvidia Sheild too), phones, tablets.

Get Syncler+ today to experience the ultimate syncing experience there is.

Awesome Syncler premium features

  1. Debrid Suite*: Get access to full set of debrid utility tools [Debrid managerDebrid cloud sourceMagnet picker] to help you manage/access a wide range of content conveniently directly in app. 
  2. Debrid Manager*: Fully manage your debrid services in app. Search cloud, add magnets, clear history, unlock external source, and most of all, watch content from your debrid cloud directly. 
  3. Debrid Cloud Source*: Enjoy sources from your debrid cloud directly on source list. 
  4. Debrid Cache Streaming*: Stream content from debrid^ cache seamlessly in app.
  5. Debrid Cache season pack support: Stream episodes from full season packs in debrid^ cache.
  6. Advanced meta data detection: Syncler will report EXACT resolution, bitrate data for your sources on screen to help you choose the best link for playback.
  7. Source filtering/sorting: Filter/sort sources by bitrate, ping time, quality, resolution, type (RD/PM). 
  8. Improved autoplay: Now auto play is even better with source filtering, playing just exactly what you want it to, AUTOMATICALLY,EVERY TIME.
  9. * These features require a supported debrid^ service.
  10. ^ Supported debrid services are Real-Debrid (RD), Premiumize (PM), AllDebrid (AD).

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